About Us


We Buy Indy Propertiess one of America’s most prestigious real estate investment companies.. We’re a veteran and family-owned business, specializing in purchasing distressed properties and partnering with property owners who either can’t or don’t want to sell using traditional methods.

Don’t give up on that old property!

We buy all types of properties in any condition. We’re committed to alleviating the burden of distressed properties for homeowners. We provide real cash offers for properties and close as quickly as possible. Our purchase prices are fair and require no appraisals, no inspections, no required repairs, and no fees or commissions.

We Buy Houses Companies Aren’t All Created Equal

We are not just another one of those “we buy houses” companies. We are a qualified provider of real estate solutions and investment opportunities. At We Buy Indy Properties, we stand beside our clients 100%. Our uncompromising business model makes the buying and selling process personal and hassle free. Our business practices are centered around three principles: people, service, and integrity.



Call us old fashioned but we believe in the power of a handshake and doing what we say we’re going to do. There’s nothing worse than someone who always says one thing and does another. We strive to think, speak, and act with wholeness and integrity in everything we do.


We have spent countless hours developing and honing the skills and relationships we need to become the best at what we do! Not only is there a skillful competence that comes along with our experience, but anyone who works with us will also understand that we believe in treating our customers in a professional way. This includes being courteous, proactive, timely, and communicative.


When your home is one of your most important assets, you will likely want to be kept in the loop on the progress of the sale. We understand and cater to this need by giving you complete access to the title company, as wells as us, for up to the minute status updates. We will likely reach out to you several times throughout the process just to check in and make sure your needs are being met.


If you haven’t had this experience yourself, you likely have a friend who has. The nightmare of a flighty buyer. The flighty buyer offers to purchase your house today, and either backs out or holds you hostage for a price reduction tomorrow. We have no tolerance for that type of business and so we have placed “Performance” at the core of our values. If we agree to purchase your home, you can sleep with confidence knowing we will close according to our agreement and on time!


We won’t make you bend over and touch your toes like some other investors might try; but we do want to let you know how flexible we are as your professional homebuyer. Whether it’s a short or long closing timeframe you require or a leaseback after purchase, we have terms that will work for you. Besides getting a great price for your home, you will get flexible terms and arrangements that are tailor-fitted to your specific needs.